Poems The 2River View, 9.2 (Winter 2005)

Louie Crew
Spiritus Mundi

Pamela Garvey
Our Enemies
Shoes and Story

Stephen Knauth
Free Dirt
My Friend

Autumn McClintock
Oh, Night

Robert Pesich
Ante Up!

Madelyn Rosenberg
Boston Transfer

David Schuster
Blue Trees
The Trunk

Keli Stafford
A Furious Hum

Leigh Stein
Three Ghazals for Departure

Scott T. Summers
Cleaning Gutters

Lowell Mick White
Cock Pheasant

Transport & Storage Upgrade Path © 2005 by August Highland

Cleanup and Storage Upgrade Path by August Highland

August Highland uses text as the compositional elements in his alphanumeric paintings. Sentences, phrases, words, parts of words, letters, and parts of letters make up every stroke and gesture in his visual work. He produces images in both miniature or monumental sizes.

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