Michelle Cameron The 2River View, 5.4 (Summer 2001)

Dreams Noir 2-5

She fell into the net
from heights unimagined.
The blind man brightened
for an instant, then ducked
his head, not to see
the rape taking place before
his darkened lenses.

The plane taxied
down the highway
amid early evening
Cairo traffic, dodging the cars.
We balanced on the roof,
waited for the road to clear,
the cliffs of the Nile
dangerously close.

The statue was made
from Rice Crispy squares and tall
Japaned umbrellas, gleaming
with cream frosting.

Is it any wonder that I cannot sleep?
Flushed with fertility radiating
from my body, I twist, turn,
peel off my clothing—my flesh
bubbles in the dank night air.

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2River All is well.