Treble Clef by David Zvanut

Treble Clef © 2001 by David Zvanut

The 2River View
5.3 (Spring 2001)


Jason Deen
The Way In
Fully Still
Two Music

Deborah Finch
15 Perceptions of Hades

Roger Jones
Part of a Folk Tale
Kite Festival

Rebecca Lu Kiernan
Sex Addict in Therapy
To the Bat Living in the Air Vent

Patti Marshock

Judith Pordon
Armor of Amor
Private Disgrace

Harding Stedler
Master of Trust at Three
Drifters at Sea

T. L. Stokes
The Peribaca

Susan Vaughan
Dracula After My Birthday Dinner
The Armored Car Company Supervisor

Chocolate Waters
Mom, Dad and the Other Woman
Discarded Rain