The 2River View, 4.2 (Winter 2000)


Katja is an avid neurologist, reader, runner and wife. She lives online at

Alan DeNiro has written a poetry chapbook, The Black Hare (A Small Garlic Press). He edits Taverner's Koans, an online poet's resource and poetry journal, and his poems have appeared in Willow Springs, Blue Moon Review, Rattle, and elsewhere.


Angakkuq © Craig Clark

R. Virgil Ellis lives near Cambridge, Wisconsin. He has most recently placed poems with WordWrights, New Works Review, new digressions, Recursive Angel, The Wolf Head Quarterly, The Lucid Stone, and Mississippi Review Web. His site is and he can be contacted at

Richard Fein has been published in numerous print and electronic journals.

Bridget Gage-Dixon divides her time between her three kids, college, and poetry. Her work has appeared in Poetry Tonight, Poetry Superhighway, and Avalon.

Clark Holtzman lives in Shaker Heights, Ohio, and Washington, D.C. He has published in a variety of little magazines and through small publishers. For the past five years he has collaborated with Los Angeles artist Barbara Nathanson, transforming book microfiche cards into installation art, installation art into a series of poems, then the poems into interpretive paintings.

Ward Kelley is a business executive and poet now living in Indianapolis. Fairly new to publishing, he still enjoys many initial successes, including poems in Ariga, Oblique, Pif, and Skylark.

Tony Keogh was born lives and writes in Dublin Ireland. He works in as a University Technical Administrator, but words, music and archaeology are his passions.

Jane Pek is essentially a slacker, a romantic, a cynic, a writer, and a student at a junior college in Singapore. Her home in cyberspace is

Janeen Pergrin spent 20 years writing COBOL and is now returning to her favorite language: Poetry. She lives in Williamston, Michigan, with her two sons. Her work has appeared in Conspire: A Quarterly Journal of Literature and Poetry.


The 2River View, 4.2 (Winter 2000)