Robert Lietz

I'll Be Home: A Flamingo Valentine (7)

A Line

""After the nights, the years of pin-small
dramas and desire, here's

""love for marveling, love to depend on
finally, in these refrains re-set,

""in all of these lines I've tried two years
to learn to tell you,

""even as you, Elizabeth, are waking refreshed
and listening, pleased

""by this rock-gray morning lifting over us,
by this rock-grey totem

""a wooden sea-bird sits beside, musing
the carved tusk-fish

""your grandpa brought home from Alaska,
and this grey light --

""brightening over us -- this softness
returned to crests,

""and crescents of light I trace, discovered
behind a knee

""and running along to the first softening,
to all of this firmness tensing,

""that seems to like
the touch.

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The 2River View, 3_4 (Summer 1999)