The 2River View, 3_4 (Summer 1999)


Where I Live

Where I Live © Mark Flowers

Mark Flowers teaches art at
Mercersburg Academy in
Mercersburg, PA.

Wendy Carlisle lives in East Texas with a large dog, three cats, and an obliging husband.

Cindy Duhe is self-described Bohemian in Houston, Texas, writing during the day and bodybuilding at night. Occasionally she does voice work for Japanimation cartoons.

Barbara Fletcher lives among the flat, uneventful landscape of Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Her poetry, however, charts the topography to the human body. Skin, for her, is a map.

Ricky Garni is a wine merchant in North Carolina. He has published work in periodicals such as Fine Madness, Salvo, and Oyster Boy Review.

Michael Graber is an editor in Memphis, Tennessee. He moonlights as a poetry reviewer for the Commercial Appeal, and as a vaudeville, old-time, country blues mandolin/guitar/kazoo player.

Peggy Meeks-King lives in Dugger, Indiana. She has studied art, astronomy, and poetry. She especially likes art that can also be associated with music and poetry.

Robert Lietz is professor of English and Creative Writing at Ohio Northern University. He is published in more than one hundred journals and has seven volumes of poetry to his credit.

Daniel Rubén Mourelle was awarded with the Faja de Honor de la Sociedad Argentina de Escritores in 1989. He is the past editor of Clepsidra, which in 1988 took first place in the Certamen Nacional de Revistas Literarias del Fondo Nacional de las Artes.

Silvia Brandon-Pérez is a recipient of the University of Puerto Rico literary award for Lluvia en Negro. She is a lawyer and an avid student of the tango.

Patti See works in the Academic Skills Center at the University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire. Her work has appeared in places such as Mother is Me, The Southwest Review, The Wisconsin English Journal, and Women's Studies Quarterly.


The 2River View, 3_4 (Summer 1999)