Womanslide / Manslide

R. Virgil Ellis

there's a light shinin' in the window
you can see in the daytime
and there's an act you can see in the dark

a kind of a pantomime

you got to start looking inside your mind
don't you know it's full moon
and you say not now when there's mean
money-hungry dogs barkin at me
hey i'm a treed raccoon

you're the one inside got no place to hide
no more camouflage acts
get the dread outa your ass climb up the hour-glass
you gotta face the slippery facts

but just when you think you've climbed high enough
you get snagged on routine
walk the dog wash the car take out the trash
comin' down like a guillotine

mandalas in your eyes flash you the signs yes yes yes
there really is more
and the lonesome voice in your mind says hold on goddammit
i've heard it all before

the glass got slippery sides your whole body slides
like it's made outa soap
you wanna stop tryin' part of you is dyin'
you feel so lazy you're losin' hope

open the jar close up the bar
you got to love one another or drown
rework your fate it ain't too late

and it's the only show in town

there's a moon shinin' off the window
and sand runnin' out of the glass
but you're out on a limb
is it the wrong branch
hey it's an avalanche

pantomime in the nighttime so fast

womanslide / manslide

For RealAudio see Womanslide/Manslide: The Performance

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The 2River View, 3_2 (Winter 1999)