You devil!
what magic you do
displaying jungian shadows
on a page
like a peep through
the keyhole
who do you see?
do you read the white?
or the black?
or mix them in shades of gray?
spider people
building webs
catching innocent flies
coyote calls
did you meet the turtle
sitting on her back
or were you lost
in her shell
get out the rosary
to save your sins
when the light shines
from the inside out
the stars are hidden
in the blinding bareness
of day's dark gleaming
oh Rorschach!
You devil!
flash your light
in the oral cavities
releasing souls
from the liver's deep caverns
bring up the bile
like the dying
staring into nothingness
glazed in transfixed posture
like the stillness
of a mind.


The 2River View, 3_1 (Fall 1998)