The 2River View 28.4 (Summer 2024)

Kami Enzie

Cool for the Summer

We fell in love in a hopeless place.
Uh-uh, uh-uh, come here, come here, uh-uh.
Throw that ass back, come here, come here.
Butch queen aura of pollen, dirt, sex and honey.
Talcum, sweat, Burberry Brit. Touching bodies,
Speak in your illegible voice about me.
Speak in your illegible voice about it.
Put your horn in your lap. Use your inside voice.
What happens to love when you’re not in it?
What happens to “friends” when you’re not friends?
Don’t you want me baby, don’t you want me, oh?
More nights lonely enough to finish themselves.
Deaf inside late-summer apartments,
we fell in love in a hopeless place.



Groups of loners game for a long night,
As unscarred by life as a shiny quarter
Flipping through the clock that tells time in the dark.
Still young enough to think with our bodies
We moved in summer like droplets down a glass.
Honeyeaters ready for the night,
Replaceable and therefore contingent.
Out for days in psychedelic gumbo,
Decisive as a chain switch for lightbulbs
On existential consciousness and truth systems.
Careening scenes of monosyllables we staged
Pushing and gathering at the grocery.
A dull dagger text by my temp. soulmate:
Memory is evidence of nothing

Kami Enzie (he/him) is a Vienna-born, New Orleans-raised queer Black writer. Work appears in Chicago Review, Common Place, The Poetry Review, and elsewhere. He recently earned an MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop.
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