The 2River View 27.3 (Spring 2023)

Simon Anton Niño Diego Baena

Robert Desnos

The phone rang, and the previous call came in.
A swarm of pigeons swooped down
on your sheets, like snow in the winter.

Hours have been spent

dreaming about her thighs and her breasts—
those smooth surfaces.

The Moon

outside the window

is as silent as a rib cage
long abandoned by vultures

it is the mummified voice of the pyramids
the wound that never heals

it is as deep as the ocean

and as dark as the words
in my head

that I will put on paper

Simon Anton Niño Diego Baena is the author The Magnum Opus Persists in the Evening (Jacar Press) and The Lingering Wound (2River). His work has appeared in The Bitter Oleander, Gargoyle, The Midwest Quarterly, Osiris, Poetry Daily, South Dakota Review, and elsewhere.

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