The 2River View 27.1 (Fall 2022)

Anon Baisch

Moments in Symmetry

Ordinary hands are peeled
off cold faces :: moments
that have not begun
peel off :: the value

of thickness in the overcast
night :: there is a symmetry
to blindness when a body is
awake at the edge of a broken

bed :: the river
is not analogous
and so we are left
with the seam

of silences :: the humidity is
indifferent :: the rain is
not cached
for metaphor :: the gravitas

of a damp bench is
lost :: everyone is
consumed with wandering :: our
homeless bodies

fuck an old eclipse :: and
again the nothing

Sudden Were

—The cache of dead light :: Don Paterson

Mouth closed on the last
morning :: there were things
waiting :: but the nothingness
instead :: departure is

not as sudden as we
imagine it :: it is not
the eyes that darken into
blindness :: there was always

a moment when the hands
wanted a last
push :: we are abandoned
by the fabric

peeling off an old face :: it
is not that obvious :: there
is always a series
of doors closing

the between :: nothing
is locked but we do not
believe it :: the layers
of dead light pile

up in our old minds ::
the cache of loneliness
is unfillable :: but in some things
we will not give up

Anon Baisch is a data analyst working in the semiconductor industry. Anon’s poems have been published most recently in Defunct and New Note Poetry.

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