The 2River View 21.4 (Summer 2017)

SAS Dunn

Disturbing Clouds

I’ve come to this
spit of land thrust
out into the Atlantic
to find a life newly
made from ashes. 
Only to find that the
clouds race above
these sands and lands
in some race I cannot join.

Where do you go,
all you clouds rushing
out of the south?
Why must you terrify me
with your endless marching
above my head? Why do you leave
me behind, rooted and alone?

Still I Am Here

Sometimes I think there
is a hope.  Then I see
there is not.

Sometimes the rains
do not stop.
Then there is no rain.

Sometimes I see. 
Then I am blind.

Still the birds sing
in the spring,
and leave in the fall.

Sometimes there is a full
choir of coyote.
Sometimes a coyote’s call
is not answered.

SAS Dunn holds a BS in Natural Resources from Cornell University and a MS in environmental communications from SUNY—ESF.  Her poetry has appeared in The Perch, Rio Grande Review, and Straylight Literary Magazine. She lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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