The 2River View 20.2 (Winter 2016)

Michael Meyerhofer

The Animal Morgue

I'm sure there are more depressing places—
say, a day-long tour of Auschwitz—
but surely, room must be made on the list
for the veterinarian leading us back to collect
the remains of Lieutenant Fuzz
from one of a half-dozen stainless steel
drawers shut along the wall of this
refurbished kitchen, so that as we take turns
cradling her, it's almost like the morning
we opened the dresser to find her
fast asleep on my work slacks, unfazed
by however long she'd been trapped
in mahogany darkness, merely stretching
like a lyre washed in bedroom light
before sprinting away to hunt her fill.

On the History Channel’s Lack of Imagination

I like the idea of parallel dimensions
if only so that I can get a medal
for beating the crap out of anyone who believes

in ancient aliens—as though our ancestors
were too dense to move a statue
or jigsaw limestone into a skyscraper,

like we’re living in the only time it’s possible
to turn over a bucket and dream
of a helmet with an umbilical cord.

Michael Meyerhofer is the poetry editor of The Atticus Review. His most recent collection of poetry is What To Do If You’re Buried Alive (Split Lip Press). website • .contact

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