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The 2River View

Ron Baron is a native Texan, and resides in Brownwood, Texas. The father of five grown children, he is single and retired. This affords him the time he has sought to devote to his writing. With family and careers behind him, poetry has become his all consuming passion.

Carol Borzykowski has been writing for five years. She belongs to several writing workshops and finds the criticism and advice invaluable. She is married, has two children, and works at the Public Library in the river town of Winona, Minnesota. Carol has had pieces published in Deep Breaths, Satori, Moondance, Radiance, and Eclectrica.

Weird Picasso

John Cornwall lives and works in a small town surrounded by moorland in the north of England. He attended Hull University when Larkin was the Chief Librarian. He admires and appreciates many forms of poetry, but if pressed, he would admit that his favourite poet is Sylvia Plath.

LL DeMerle` lives in Upstate New York. Publication credits include Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Syracuse New Times, The Syracuse Newspapers, Wide Open Magazine, Illya's Honey and Eclectica Magazine. In addition to having poems forthcoming in PYROWORDS, Real Change, and the June issue of Recursive Angel, she is also writing the biography of folk and blues guitar legend, Elizabeth Cotten.

Karen Dowell is a writer and poet who lives on the Maine coast with a big band trumpet player and her two big dogs. Her work has appeared in several online publications and will be published in an upcoming issue of Visions International.

By day Darren Schulz is a portfolio manager and investment analyst for a state pension fund in Montgomery, Alabama; by night he is an aspiring poet. He has been writing for about 5 years.

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