Widow Song

Andrew Warfield and Terrie Mollohan

Forty days now, and no rain.
Forty nights.
It feels like forty years.

It comes of loving rain too much, I know.

I might have been content with something else,
something other...
fallen in love
with fire and wind...
worshipped the sun...

But everything in me is water--
my eyes, my heart, my mouth, my skin.
I cannot be still,
I cannot be dry, and quiet

like the afternoon.
I am liquid.

I imagine.
And in my dream, the sky is darker
than it has ever been before.
It will break, now.
It will rumble and shake,
and I will lie down to let
the first drop fall to my face.

I will begin, again.
I will flow back into
the rain.

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The 2River View, 1_2 (Winter 1997)