Porcine Principle

Richard Fein

Love and trust were carefully fostered,
and her security seemed lifelong, and it was.
I'm talking about hogs, this sow specifically,
one of the cleverer of the cleverest mammals.
Well fed and watered, patted, never struck,
but none of this was for free.
All part of the bargain, a fair one at that.
Payment became due.
Hind legs trussed and hoisted heavenward,
an upside down ascension.
A revelation of disillusionment occurred,
if it occurred at all,
when the blade gleamed sharp against her belly.
If sorrow stung then it lasted for only the length of a squeal.
Hold on to fantasies,
the longer they're held, the shorter the grief.
But not to worry, I'm only talking about hogs.

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The 2River View, 1_2 (Winter 1997)