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Brenda Harrison Bell is a native Texan who has lived most of her life in her home state. She grew up in Fort Worth where she attended Texas Wesleyan University for her undergraduate work. Her doctorate is from the University of South Carolina. Since 1968 she has taught at the institution formerly known as East Texas State University, which is now Texas A&M-Commerce. Her teaching interests are in nineteenth and twentieth century British literature with a special obsession for the literature of World War I. Her favorite contemporary poets are Sharon Olds, Marge Piercy, and Peter Meinken. This is her first appearance in 2River. Other publications include poems in Sleepy Tree and Sulphur River.

Weird Picasso

Carol Cross is a poet living in Upstate New York, where she draws upon the landscape and people of the Adirondack region and the Saint Lawrence valley for inspiration. Her works can be seen in several on-line publications and web sites. She is presently shopping three collection of poetry to publishers.

Holly Day lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her son Wolfegang, two birds, and not enough warm clothing. Her work has most recently appeared in International Quarterly and Old Crow.

Richard Fein lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He has been published in many places, both on the net and in print. Some of the print journals are: Kansas Quarterly, Mississippi Review, Oregon East, Small Pond, and Sulphur River Literary Review.

Born in New Haven, Connecticut, where you can find him frequently drinking coffee and engaging in conversation of some sort, Craig Lefebvre is a full-time college student at Naugutuck Valley Community Technical College. He began writing poetry about 3 years ago. He now has is own zine, 7-Bodies, currently in its third edition.

Elise M. McClellan lives in Mobile, Alabama, where she is working on her first collection of poetry, SexSongs. She was nominated for the Pushcart Prize 1996 for her poem, "Lamia Bulimia," in the Redwood Coast anthology Bite to Eat Place.

Terrie Mollohanis a poet and graphic designer. She is Graphics Editor for Moondance: Celebrating Creative Women and co-facilitates of an internet poetry workshop. She is published in many literary journals such as Touchstone, Poem and Amelia. She has several novels started and would someday like to finish one of them. Late last year she began writing poetry with Andrew Warfield, a poet, song-writer and playwright, who also teaches high school near Chicago. Educated in the U.S. and France, he says "he was once a great traveler, but is now resigned to journeys of the mind." He is currently writing a screenplay based on Carol Shield's Swann.

Paul J. Sampson, in more than thirty years as a professional writer and editor, has published pieces on baseball, the interior life of underground comic book artists, the last brewery in Chicago, and the metaphysics of aviation. He wrote for many years as a staff member of scientific and technical publications, including The Journal of the American Medical Association. He lives near Terrell, Texas, where he is re-editing a novel, writing poems, and assembling a book-length collection of essays on the personal meaning of flying.

Glenda Zumwalt is a Professor of English at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. She is active in the local humane society and shares her home with five dogs and twelve cats. Other interests include gardening and travel.

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