The 2River View 19.3 (Spring 2015)

Darren Morris

Cloud Seeding

Cloud seeding—otherwise
known as delivering a chemical dust
high in the Earth's atmosphere
to encourage rainfall
in a particular region—seems
about as selfishly misguided
as sandbagging a flood.
You only sandbag a river
to distract yourself from the inevitable.
It is a massive over-estimation
of existence. This is what I am
thinking while we're fucking.


At the center of beautiful women
who do not love us
burns a white flame.

We are machines
that consume and desire and wont
for such abiding loneliness

that to invite it 
is to extract blossoms from the rain.
I am the elevator that opens

on each floor in the metal
hotel of your heart.
And on hearing the laughter

down the endless
hallway, I press a button
and slide shut my doors.

Darren Morris holds an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth. His poems appear most recently in The 2River View, The Missouri Review, New England Review, and New Ohio Review.

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