The 2River View 17.1 (Fall 2012)

New Poems by

James B. Nicola
The Uses of Spite

Joe Benevento
After Finding Out I Looked Just Like a Disney Villain
After We We Stopped Eating at Tudor's Deli

Mariela Griffor
Number 7
The Friends I Loved and Left Behind

April Clark Honaker
ode to belly
seeing hooks

Suzanne Kehm
Anno Domini
Mary's Children

Sandra Kolankiewicz
In a Thousand Words or Less
Route 80 to Jackson Hole

Molly Kugel Merkner
April 18, 1995

Tyler Mills
Aiolos and the Bag of Winds

Liza Porter
Far Line
Urgent Care

James Robison
Crisis in August
Muscovy Ducks

Miriam Sagan

Virginia Smith
[a protean geography] i

Art © 2012 by Alexandra Eldridge


Alexandra Eldridge holds a BA in art and literature from Ohio University and has continued her education at Cambridge University, England; Santa Reparata Graphic Workshop in Florence, Italy; Penland College; and most recently The Photographer’s Formulary in Montana. She has exhibited in Paris, London, Belgrade, Ljubljana, New York, California, and Santa Fe. Eldridge has been commissioned to paint murals in the Place de Vosges, Paris, and her work has been used for the cover of eight books of poetry. website