The 2River View 16.3 (Spring 2012)

Shirley Glubka

The Bone Goddess

Ten years she stands 
stoic, silent 
in this under-heated room.

If a goddess is given, 
let her be spare.

I am not a goddess person,
but the bone —
the bone is another matter.

Comes the Clear and Humble Poem

Daily the difficult, the inexplicable, the gift.

Grit to transparency ground, 
deeply tinted, heated,
carefully cooled, 

Pieces then, fitted and placed, 

Lead seals the treacherous, 
the accidental / edges.

Shirley Glubka, a retired psychotherapist, is the author of Green Surprise of Passion: Writings of a Trauma Therapist. Her poetry has appeared in h.o.m.e. Words, Narramissic Notebook, Puckerbrush Review, Seems, and Sinister Wisdom. contact