The 2River View

New Poems by

Michael K. Meyers
Living Thing

Brendan Constantine
I dreamt I was your finger
The boy has come back

Jeff Friedman

Howard Good
Armegeddan—Mon Amour

Georgia Kreiger
He Comes
Pocket Knife

Marjorie Maddox
A Colleague Falls to His Death at Niagara Falls

Shireen Madon
Think: Species
You Are Everything But Alive

Jane McKinley
The End of Summer
The Girl Who Wanted to Be a River

Charles Rafferty
The Man and His Missing Rock Collection
The Man Who Worried

Steven Schreiner
At the Artist's Colony
Sunday Night

Virginia Slachman
The Usefulness of Stars

Art by Mark Flowers

Wish I Could Say You Were My First Choice

The Memory Goes

Stadium Lights

Joseph Passing

Angry Fish

The River Calls

Mark Flowers holds a master's of fine arts in painting from Western Michigan University. His work can be found in 27 public and more than 300 private collections. Throughout his career, he has won numerous awards for his art in both regional and national competitions. He was also named one of the 100 Art Alumni for the Centennial Celebration at Western Michigan University.