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Alison Cimino


Why this way with women? It seems force
broke the pencil tip, yellow pencil,
writing out our sallow lie.

Oh you in your mane of light,
yellow hair and a doe-eyed look —
How I, in my animal, wanted to strike
and smelling my own fierceness, retreated.

Oh yellow heart that is she and me —
How jealousy is a yellow dart, how like loneliness
It glows phosphorescent               bright and tart —


So this is what I'm given —
orange zest and oil
trapped under my fingertips.
After the pulp and tincture of fruit
juice on the tongue
always the pith —
The inside rind, white
flesh — scraping it out
with my front teeth;
chewing it, tasteless as it is
or bitter.

Alison Cimino is an adjunct professor of poetry and compostion in the Boston area,
as well as a visiting writer in nearby schools. Her poems have appeared in
Borderlands Texas Poetry Review, Ibbetson Street Press
, and The Cambridge Codex Project,
a visual art installation to promote literacy. contact