Richard Freed

Libby R. Friedberg
New Year's Day—1991

Jeff Friedman
Luna Moth
The Survivors

Peter Joseph Gloviczki
A Brief Series of Accidents

Stephanie Lynn Keil
Funeral for April and May

Richard Krawiec
cut branches
silence, stillness

Blake Lynch
Key West
Three Birds

John McKernan
The Melonoma Looked Red-Orange
Missing Photograph Is Found

Paul Piatkowski
The Full Lynching
Stomach Pains

Rob Talbert
you jumped

Brian Trimboli
Four Elegies with Florencia

Florencia Varela
Four Elegies with Brian

Art © by Mitko Zhelezarov

Astral Timepiece

Astral Timepiece

Personal World

Personal World

Return to the Distants

Return to the Distants

Mitko Zhelezarov is a 1988 graduate of Colleges Pedagogic of Fine Art, Bulgaria. He lives and works in Plovdiv. website


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