Craig Cotter

Hi Ron Padgett!!

I just wrote 2 great poems
in a Jury Room
of LA Criminal Court

with a view of the trees
and the surface of San Gabriel Mountains

they are attached
like your 2 identical twin wrestlers
from Michigan State.

I want a flock of red hotdogs in buns
to fly by out the window
dipping and gliding together

like parrots (not like pigeons and starlings)

their song
in pairs Lennon and McCartney harmonies.
Haven't seen any new dim sum in twenty years

but it keeps getting made every day.

it's just about up

my life.
reading this
cuz you're alive
and i'm dead.

you don't know
in your heart
if the world will leave you
when you die.
as cheryl vossekuil says:

i never suffered.
my nature
and my birth
michigan woods and swamps
blessed me
with peace.

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12.4 (Summer 2008)   The 2River View