Cold Comfort

Michael K. Meyers

Grant Me Eggs

Grant me eggs, and flour, and milk. And grant me clean water and avail me of the things necessary to conjure up fire. And grant me an abundance of smooth air, and grant me the ability to continue to spin around fast, and let me die doing so; spinning. Let me die spinning. And grant me shoes, and grant them to my family as well, shoes for them as well, and please, three changes of clothing for all of us. And locate my home next to the home of an honest cobbler, one who has two sons, and let one of the boys be named Allen, and the other, the oldest, let him be called Samuel, named Samuel because Samuel will have been the name of his grandfather, and grant these boys and the cobbler and the rest of the cobbler’s family, grant them all productive lives and please, for my family too, please, do the same. These are just some of the things that at this moment in time I consider necessary.

What We Have Learned So Far

Would it be all right if I just came over, you know, if I just showed up at your front door without first calling. Without informing you that I was coming over. And then I thought, what if without you first calling me to tell me you had come by my place to, you know, re-kindle. And, I am inside my thoughts now, and in my thoughts I imagine you knocking at my door, and responding to a knocking, and opening the door I find you standing on my threshold. In this thought you hold a cake and have brought along with you your dog, Mattie. Would I be glad to see you and your dog, Mattie, and would I want the cake? And then I thought some more. And I thought that I would have wished you had called me first. And so, there it is. And so, here we are. And see what we have learned in such a short time, and think of all the awkwardness that we have avoided.

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