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Ingrid Chung
Hunting Grounds for the Lost

Michelle Bitting
Soft Red Skirt
Washed in Flame

Michael A. Flanagan
hospital block
inching away

Ellen Kombiyil
Excerpt from Vincent Van Gogh's Journal, Saint-Remy 1889
Persephone's Letter to Demeter

Robert Nazarene
Cry, Baby

Amy Pence
Above the Baby's Grave
Demeter Rising from the Couch

Lynne Potts
Dairy Maid and Cyclops
Lead Weight on a Line

Terry Savoie
Acorn Rain
Begging Forgiveness

Sarah Sorenson
Hansel and Gretel

Anne Whitehouse
Curse VIII
Curse XXIV

Erica Wright
Fording Calfkiller Creek
The Swelling of a Throat

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Kicking Up a Storm

Market Street

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