11.3 (Spring 2007)   The 2River View  

Authors and Titles


Caroline Manring
Earth Stood Hard as Iron
Four Ounces
Oh Tercel, Show me Pigeonterror, How to Open Buttons with my Mouth

Kimberly Becker
The House that Love Built

Jana Bouma
The Body Remembers
Swimming Dock, Longville, Minnesota

Lane Falcon
At twenty-six I know

Ruth Foley
After Raking
September 22, 1938

Laura Hirneisen
To understand genealogy

Jennifer Juneau
The Light of the Mind, Cold and Planetary
This House

Deborah Mayhew
Crying Wolf

J. R. Solonche
A Bird, Very Plain, and Black
All Night Last Night the Wind

Jane Varley
What You Read in the Paper


Art from the Underground Series © 2007 by Megan Karlen

The Cycle of the Female


Too Big Now

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