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Red Eyes



New Poems By

Wendy Taylor Carlisle
The Other Story

Scott Bailey
Giving Beauty Back to God
I'm Not Surprised We Were Created in Explosion, Speed, and Void....

Peter Berghoef
Factory Town
This title will eventually refer to time

Regina Coll
North by North

Weston Cutter
A Defense of Kissing Despite Massive Evidence to the Contrary
Last Prayer of Summer

Jolia Sidona Einstein
From the Hudson
Portrait of Lake Alice

Joel Friederich
The American Boy Dreamt of Journeys
In the North

Meridith Gresher
One Full Moon Cycle

Clark Holtzman
About the House All Day
House Holding

Mark Jackley
Middle Age
When a Truck Smashed into my Car Like the Fist of God

Martha Serpas
Millennial Birthday