Skin's Dark Night Amy Pence

Bewildered © 2003 by
Edgar Solis

About the Artist

Edgar Solis, with degrees from the University of Puerto Rico and The Art Institute of Atlanta, shows his fine art photography on the southeast arts-and-crafts-show circuit. For the last seven years, he has been perfecting Polaroid Image and Emulsion Transfer. This process allows him to show images in a way that often blurs the line between photography and painting. He also does black and white sepia and selenium toned prints. Website


About the Author

A professor at DeVry University, Amy Pence has published poetry and non-fiction in a number of journals including American Letters & Commentary, The Antioch Review, New American Writing, Pennsylvania English and Sonora Review. Several of her poems have also appeared online in journals such as Mudlark and Red Booth Review. Her interviews with Barbara Kingsolver and Li-Young Lee appeared in Poets & Writers. She has completed two manuscripts of poetry, one of which was a Walt Whitman Award finalist. Pence lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her daughter Ada.


“Eclipse” and "The Illuminated Blake" first appeared in New American Writing.

“For my Mother” first appeared in The Antioch Review.

“Take Back” first appeared in American Letters and Commentary.

“Metonymy” first appeared in Red Raven Review.

“Anonymous Emmanuel” and "House with Windows" first appeared in Pennsylvania English.

“Expedient Means” first appeared in Calapooya.

“Armless” first appeared in Mudlark.

“One Shallow in the Body” first appeared in Willow Springs.


Naked Bulb

Bifurcated Iris

Blazing Star

Spiked Dahlia

Potted Lily

Purpled Clematis

Sweet Peas

Planting the Bulbs



Anonymous Emmanuel

Expedient Means




For my Mother


Take Back

House with Windows

One Shallow in the Body

Absent Presence


On Waking

The Illuminated Blake

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