After Death's Silence Joseph Lisowski

Desert Wind
Still Life
Knocking at the Door
A Moment's Reprieve
Stage of Healing
Turning to the Natural World
Weather Report
Fight the Prescription
Keeping Time
What We Choose Is What We Get
This Caribbean Desert
Keeping Faith
Death Watch
A Lesson

About the Author
Joseph Lisowski teaches at Mercyhurst College Northeast. He has two other chapbooks, Fatherhood at Fifty and Letters to Wang Wei, online at A Writer's Choice Literary Journal and Words on a Wire.

About the Artist
Joseph Pizzat is Professor of Art Emeritus, Mercyhurst College. He has given numerous one-person shows; and juried, group, and invitational exhibitions. He's been listed since 1980, in Who's Who in American Art.

About the art
City Scapes is a series of works, each one a three-and-a-half inch square, media vinyl tape on mosaic tile.

Some poems here were first published in The 2River View, Stirring Magazine, Free Zone Quarterly, The Poet's Canvas, and Poetry Repair Shop.

About 2River
Since 1996, 2River has been an online site of poetry, art, and theory, occasionnaly publishing individual authors in The 2River Chapbook Series and quarterly publishing The 2River View. All publications first appear online and afterwards in print.

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