. Jessy Randall
Dorothy Surrenders by Wendy Woloson


Going to the Library
After Reading Peter Pan
A Map of Wonderland
The Ruby Slippers
The Path
Scarecrow #1
Living Close to the Ceiling
Toto Haiku
Never Land
Cheshire Poem
Scarecrow #2
Trapped in Oz
The Tin Man
This Lion Is a Coward
Dorothy Surrenders
The Red Sand
Paper Path
Wolves, Crows, and Black Bees
Orgasms in Oz
Myth and Modern Man
This Poem


Some of these poems appeared in print and electoric literary journals: "Scarecrow #2" and "Trapped in Oz" in The 2River View, "Toto Haiku" in Pif, "Dorothy Surrenders" in Feminista, "Going to the Library" in Möbius and then in Mutant Mule Review, "A Map of Wonderland" in Black Buzzard Review, "The Path" in poetrynow, "Myth and Modern Man" in The Free Cuisenart, and "Living Close to the Ceiling" and "Orgasms in Oz" in Conspire.

Jessy Randall is a rare book librarian
in Philadelphia. She grew up in
Rochester, New York, where the
sky is almost always white.

Wendy Woloson likes Jell-O gelatin.

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