Attractions by John Allman



You've got to include mosses and ferns. The green dampness. The star anise. The child gathering an armful of black-eyed susans like suns unpeeling themselves. Think of teen-agers taking Ecstasy in the club on 46th ST, how the excluded girl's make-up streaks her face outside in the rain. Times also get tough (time is easy) for the amoeba, there's famine, no bacteria to eat. One amoeba protrudes to snag another. They ripple into each other. Even Einstein was confused in love. He wanted both his cousin—the mother—and her daughter (such lace around the throat!) Just think of him in Zurich, in a first-class compartment, holding a pungent, skinned orange in his hand, his reflection in the window of a train on the next track pulling away from the station. He doesn't know who is standing still, who is moving. Who first woke to the scent of the other.