Susan H. Case The 2River View, 7.4 (Summer 2003)
Pandora Addresses her Viewers at the Dahesh Museum

Don't go yet. I’d hate
to part with you all thinking it was my idea
to end a golden age. Someone even blamed me yesterday
for the reversal of the longest economic expansion in history.
So embarrassing to be held responsible for all that loss.

Look at me: don't you love
my perfectly draped orange dress,
how it enhances my shoulders?
Bet you want
beribboned red hair such as mine.
(I forgot my shoes. Note to self: I need to get organized.)

Listen. It wasn’t really a blue and white porcelain box. A rough
little jar, nothing glamorous. My mission, to punish.
I merely did what he told me to do.
Had the capacity to earn an Olympian medal for chaos.
Always did love bad advice and a flaming torch.

Didn’t know the raven of hope could be so easily confused.
That so much misery could occupy so small a space.

Okay, wait. You with the shopping bag—
I’m not finished.
I admit I still embellish. It was a large earthenware jar
with ample room for evils but a small silly crow.

All the more reason to be tired of having losses of paradise
always blamed on me.

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