Contents The 2River View, 6.3 (Spring 2002)

Mansour Alajali
Little Razan
The Wordless Shore

John Amen
At This Hallowed Moment
Where Do We Go From Here

Grace Bedwell
the mathematics of your end

Teri Browning
Ten Years and a Coffeepot
What Hides

Howard Good
At the New England Holocaust Memorial
Evening, Copp’s Hill Cemetery

Brandon Hobson
Hamlet in a Madhouse
Saint Augustine’s Lamp

Prasenjit Maiti

Spencer Ryan
Morning Ritual

John Sweet
the alchemy of fear
in this picture i paint

Phibby Venable
Blue Shadows
Sea Songs

Blue Note

Blue Note © 2002 by David Zvanut

David Zvanut is an artist and sculptor in Commerce, Texas. More of his art can be seen at his website.

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