James Lineberger


That other one
the one he loved wouldn't show
his face most

of the time or if he
did would hold back at the edge
of the crowd

like he was afraid of what they might
do like
it is now with Madonna or Liz you learn real

quick how the moth gets
burned which would describe
that one

to a tee a shy person that never cared
for the lime
light that if he was here

today and a papa
razzo tried to take his picture he would grab
the camera and hit

him upside the head with it so there could not be many
who ever
laid eyes on that one or could pick

him out in a line
up even now if another one the one that swore
he loved him

more had not got arrested
in Rome and been made to spill
it all how

when the women took them to the cave where
the rock was rolled
away that other one the dead one's

loved one laid down on the bed his paramour
had fled
and didn't give a damn who watched while he jerked

off on the rags and shot
his wad in the significant other's holy shit and left
over blood


The 2River View, 4.3 (Spring 2000)