Marc Swan

A simple phone call
to her office
hell o
. . you were on my mind
happy new year
seems easy enough
but what if later
after she's had a few drinks
with that older
man she travels with
the one with the town car
the one old enough
to be her grandfather
she says is just a friend
who owns a trendy
seafood joint by the sea
leased a metallic teal
green firebird
with her name on it
gives her money
to help out
the mom with three kids
she's so fond of
what if after those drinks
probably a half bottle
of clos du bois merlot
her favorite
he prefers martinis
with olives
. . no vermouth
what if she gets frisky
calls me at home
a simple hell o
you were on my mind
happy new year
what if i've gone to the store
for ice
. . chips for my kid
sanitary pads
for the woman i live with
maybe i'll wait till next week
when we plan to meet
at my office for an update
on her life
. . those kids
she thinks so much of
the old guy with the fat car
martini eyes
. . money to burn


The 2River View, 2_3 (Spring 1998)