The Gospel According to Peter the Fractured

Peter Munro

He can almost taste the bread offered
gently to another believer.
Antennae rust as rain grinds softer
than iron. Radio receivers
haul in the Word of God drawn tougher
by salt sung out for want of favor.

In his mouth the name of the favored
raises a spittle. His lips offer
name upon name, a little tougher
to choke out, to choke down, believers
choked on praise through rusted receivers.
Bread melts like the rain whispered softer

than flour, milk, and sugar, softer
than begging the crumbs of God's favor
or huddled to warmth a receiver
throws off its wiring among offers
of prayer to buy lost unbelievers.
Every year the market grows tougher.

For quick income, Peter the Tougher
stiffs the Brethren. Peter the Softer
soothes the Sistren, the girl believers,
with sudden wealth. He always favors
the sleekest name-mouthers with his offers
of bread. His radio receiver,

according to laws of receiver-
ship told to the profits by tougher
creditors than the God who offers
discounts to no one, suggests softer
options more cunning than rain. Favor-
itism for selected believers

must be subtle because believers
in subtlety achieve their receiver-
ship quick as God's word, God's quick favor,
quick to anger the Bread heeled tougher
than your crust or mine to kill softer.
For who recalls the final offer

but believers slumped in the tougher
rain, receivers of the Word's softer
touch, favors the broken Bread offers?


The 2River View, 2_3 (Spring 1998)