The 2River View 24.4 (Summer 2020)
New Poems by

J. T. Ledbetter
midnight at the Old Havilke Place R.R. 1

Anthony Aguero
To Being a Man

Despy Boutris
Fourth of July
A Warm Wind

Terri Brown-Davidson
I Glimpse, Briefly, My Dead Father Among the Cranes

D M Gordon
Longing for Mozart

Maura High
And the Living Is Easy

Peter Leight
The Appreciation of Beauty in America

Keith Love
Fish Fry
Thursday Pie

Sharona Muir
The Golden Door
Light of Wandering

Sarah Stickney
Cheap Champagne
Shapes Over a Blanket

Peter Waldor
Doing the Dishes
Magic Trowel

Photographs of a Covid19 Summer

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