The 2River View 24.3 (Spring 2020)

Bruce Alford
Homeless (excerpt from Devotional)

Josette Akresh-Gonzales
My Son Distrusts People Who Are Happy All the Time
Oceans Are Warming at the Same Rate as is Five Hiroshima Bombs Were Dropped in Every Second

Matthew Freeman
Beautiful, Finally
Parkview Place Eclogue

Abriana Jetté
Persephone, Refrain

Brady Thomas Kamphenkel
Crossing the Bridge
Two Forms of Love

Tanner Lee
New Geography of Faith
The Devil Will Keep You From Freezing

Tatiana Retivov
Sea Foam

Samn Stockwell
But order nontheless
On Writing

Teresa Sutton
Burning Times
Last Night I Read Darkness Can Be Undone

John Whalen
The Absinthe Academy Bar and Grill
The Umbrella Thief

Art © 2020 by Megan Duncanson

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