The 2River View 24.1 (Fall 2019)

Debora Chappell
It is Autumn

Sarah Anderson
In a Different Life
Twenty-Three Years a Widow

Sheila Black
Aubade of Many

Charlotte Covey
last night in chincoteague
phone sex lullabies

Jesse DeLong
As if the runnel is a river
Sitting on a Hill Overlooking Tuscaloosa

Darren C. Demaree
Emily as a Charcoal Halo
Emily as Most of the Thunder Is Just Theatre

Sean Lause
The man who turned inside-out
The old man in the cage

Michael Meyerhofer
Passing Along the News
Two Baths

Yiskah Rosenfeld
Love Poem on the Morning after Atonement
Seventh Day in the Valley

Esther Sadoff
Behind the White Hose Box
Dance of the Sun

Laura Lee Washburn
Between the Wars

Art © 2019 by Sirenes

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