The 2River View 23.2 (Winter 2019)

Sally Albiso


A late snowstorm,
an unexpected chill.
Hours of circling in place,
of nosing windows like dogs.
How we might tongue joy
but conserve heat, the power out.
Headlamps light our faces,
worn between the eyes
like phylacteries.
Clocks flash twelve,
a tribal count no matter the hour.
The woodstove ticks
and we play Scrabble
though few synonyms
for this hush. Brittle
would be most accurate.
How solidity is illusion
and time splinters like bone.  
If I steal your lowest rib,
will I become another woman?
One who never shivers.
Who knows all the words for sorrow
yet wins.

Sally Albiso has published three chapbooks: Newsworthy (Camber Press) and two others from Finishing Line Press: The Notion of Wings and The Fire Eater and the Bearded Lady. Moonless Grief was released by MoonPath Press this spring. ("Wildfire" from Moonless Grief)

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