The 2River View 22.2 (Winter 2018)

JC Hopkins

Have You Ever Seen

a bird
frozen to a branch
i have
i was twelve
coming home from school
on a frigid afternoon

it’s true
not only that
there was two of them

The Sun Comes Up Quickly Now

the song, a garbled bag of birds
the trees outside my window are golden
today, i will drive the electrolux all over this place; 
taking up the extradited crumbs of children
left in their hunger and haste

in this emptiness i imagine
what could be present
what could be devised
what could be devastated
out of paint and string and palette
as if crave was a word that could be used
for this purpose, then i crave,
if not a person, then a puppy

JC Hopkins is a Grammy nominated songwriter, a poet, painter, and jazz pianist. He has had two books of poetry published: From Far Rockaway to Windsor Terrace and Summer of Blue Humidity. He also is the managing editor of Noir Nation and the poetry journal Love Within Love.

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