The 2River View 19.4 (Summer 2015)

Corey Smith

Quantum Immortality

You will survive me
You will hide my memory
In yours, scenery and family
Vacations. On a sad, lonesome,
Whiskey night, you will, in hushed
Tones, whisper my insecurities
To friends whose warm arms will
Calm you. This and your horizontal
Pillow ebb seclusion until the day,

My Baby Pie, when you join the collective
Cosmos and we meander eternity
I’ll receive you and once the last person we knew
Speaks our names for the last time, we’ll
Vaporize along with our era

As we coma together. They’ll never know
Of the winter walk we took tonight in the garden
As snow fell among the silent trees

SEE ALSO Schrodinger’s Cat (1935), Parallel Universes (1956), Quantum Resurrection (100 Trillion)

Corey Smith holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Wichita State University where he taught English for four years. He currently teaches high school English in the same city. He has previously published short stories in small press magazines.

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