The 2River View 18.2 (Winter 2014)


Claudia Reinhardt is a freelance writer, editor, and tutor. Her work has appeared in Fox Cry Review, Nebraska Life, Plains Song Review, The Wisconsin Review, and Writing in Community and The Untidy Season: An Anthology of Nebraska Women Poets. contact

Benny Biesek to Dead Snakes, Kernel Critic, Mirrors Magazine, and Sick Of The Radio. He perseveres with the Six Nines Haiku Project while assisting with curating readings at the Poetry Church in San Luis Obispo, California. contact

Bri Bruce holds a BA in literature from University of California at Santa Cruz. Her work has appeared most recently in Northwind and The Wayfarer Journalcontact

Brittany Barberino Evans has been published in Quest and Metaphor. She resides in Connecticut where she is a playwright for a local theater company. contact

Christien Gholson is the author of the novel, A Fish Trapped Inside the Wind (Parthian 2011), and On the Side of the Crow (Hanging Loose Press 2006). blogcontact

D. B. Goman has an MA in history. His poetry, stories, and travel essays have appeared in Ditch, Eye Magazine, Jones Av., Poetry Montreal, Quarry, and Storyacious. contact

Romana Iorga is a Romanian-American living in Virginia. A graduate of the University of Minnesota creative writing program, she currently teaches English at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. contact

Elizabeth Majerus lives in Urbana, Illinois, with her husband, son, and daughter. She is one-third of the band Motes. contact
Kelly Nelson teaches Interdisciplinary Studies at Arizona State University. Her poems have appeared recently in Eclectica, Found Poetry Review, Mixed Fruit, and Tar River Poetry. websitecontact

Annmarie O’Connell resides on the South Side of Chicago. Her work has appeared in Slipstream, SOFTBLOW, Verse Daily, and Whiskey Island Magazine. Her chapbook Her Last Cup of Light was recently published by Aldrich Press. contact

Claudia Serea immigrated from Romania to the United States in 1995. Her work has appeared in 5 a.m., Apple Valley Review, Meridian, New Letters, andWord Riot. Her books include Angels & Beasts, The System, and A Dirt Road Hangs From the Sky. websitecontact

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