The 2River View 17.2 (Winter 2013)

Susan Alkaitis

Graceful Exit

Could it be that you were laughing at me as you described the drama of my slide,
even my elegance as I careen

toward the metaphoric tree like a seal pup —bloated, tender and dumb—
your passionate gestures, the marvel! as a crowd gathers

your speech gains speed. I am large, then girl, then grain,
contracting suddenly without weatherproofing. I slip
beyond your boot as the story grows.

Secret Life of the Bird

Fate found the nest with the golden eggs.
So I dutifully slink on the disguise,
tailored tail feathers, porcelain beak.

I walk the walk.
They follow behind not aware
that sweat pools under the suit,
in my thighs. I shuffle along,
breath growing hot.

Faith draws perfect lines from them
to me. I’m a siren and
motherhood has fooled them.

Susan Alkaitis holds an MFA in dance from the University of Utah and currently lives in Colorado. Her poems have recently appeared inn Glass: A Journal of Poetry, and Slow Trains. contact