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Anne C. Fowler

Those Last Pictures

Xeroxed from the police report
sent with all the material you requested
from the District Attorney's office,

will they show everything in her bedroom
as you remember it — chaise longue
covered in floral chintz, matching curtains,

tall mahogany bureau, mirrored
dressing table, pastels of the two children
over the mantel? Her bed table,

lamp with its ruffled shade, rotary phone, book
open upside down, and her glasses? Those
last pictures: look at them, now. The unmade

bed, bloodstains blotting the sheets
and, laid across the bedspread somehow,
her bloody white cotton nightgown.

The Reverend Anne Carroll Fowler is an Episcopal priest has four chapbooks, Five Islands, Whiskey Stitching, and Summer of Salvage, all published by Pudding House; and Liz, Wear Those Pearl Earrings, winner of the Frank Cat Press 2002 Chapbook Contest. contact