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Bird Detail

Nikoletta Nousiopoulos

photograph of a wedding, 1948

was the moon over Korifi
when it rained that morning

did the land sweat when it released
my grandparents to one another

there are many things I remember
they loved

roars of spring water
clouds shaped as donkey eyes

do i collect lost voices
from black-&-white photographs

beg the faces to say something
real about love

our house splits and flexes
a stray dog

do i pray to images
language under a flame

dare the artifacts
to speak out of my hands

procession in cycles


a cricket clings to a curtain
i want the glue of its legs: impale me there

or the village of open windows
almond trees ripe below fire & flower boxes

perhaps rotted figs fall for sound of tin when it rains
when the sun is out of chemical


we hammer & nail our lives
together loose wood
hangs from the roof nearly
sunset when the only music stops


at the hospital
my mother feeds you ice cream
with a baby's spoon
your tongue dry
& hardened

we're beginning to howl at the edges
of the bed: you drool
eyes close & stick to themselves
i peel the lids & let them loose
still they are not free


down the aisle my brother lifts the casket on his shoulder
men carry your body past me & out
down the aisle down the aisle

Nikoletta Nousiopoulos holds an MFA from New England College, and now resides in Cape Cod. Her work has appeared in elimae and South Jersey Underground. contact